Dear lovers of perfection,

We have completed the bottling of our 2018 harvest and have just received the results of our olive oil tasting panels. The unanimous verdict is that our 2018 oil is “excellent”, we are very pleased for this is a conclusion that is rarely reached. As we harvested early, our oil has once again its characteristically peppery Querubi punch with a strong green grass aroma whilst still being extremely well balanced (fruit, bitterness and pepper). We are all very pleased and hope you will be as well.

2018 has been a turbulent year on the farming front. We have had a gentle winter (just one sub- zero night), a very dry spring (irrigation boreholes running dry) and a devastatingly hot summer, interwoven with massive hail and thunder storms. The former badly hurting our dogs (whom were unable finding shelter in time), our trees heavy with olives and quite a few car windshields of visiting friends. The latter wiped out our solar electricity facility twice in 3 months. The harvest (normally the best time of the year) was unfortunately too often interrupted by heavy rainfall, strong winds and brutal temperatures. In spite of these set backs, we have had our largest harvest to date (nearly 17 tons).

Over the past three years we have noticed that quite a few of our online customers (including some rather well know restaurants) place increasingly larger orders and we have been asked to work on a larger sized packaging.  After having run a few marketing tests, we have come up with 3 litre metal tins, which is (due to cheaper packaging cost) around 30% less expensive than the bottled equivalent.

An article in the FT Weekend Magazine of November 2018 states that about 50 per cent of all extra virgin olive oil sold in Italy is adulterated with cheap poor quality oil and that globally the proportion is even higher. In a world where food fraud is ever increasing, you can be assured of one simple fact : we try very hard to produce the best olive oil we can, we only use our own orchards to produce oil, we do not blend, we do not add nor take away anything, we have been fully organic ever since we started our orchards. And we try our very hardest to provide you with the purest olive oil possible.

Please enjoy our 2018 harvest oil as much as we do.

Best regards,
The Querubi Team


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