A few words about our oil

Our oil is exactly what we always hoped it would be: vivid green in colour, with a fresh grassy scent, deliciously peppery with light hints of lemon and multiple elegant spicy undertones.

As we do not use any chemicals whatsoever, the taste is as nature gives us and is solely dependent on meteorological events of the growing season and the timing of the harvest. We trust you will enjoy the fruits of this years labour.

Grown on a limited scale for quality, not yield, using only local olive varieties; Poumal, Verdale, Oliviere and Piccholine. We harvest and bottle by hand, finishing each bottle with a unique number, handwritten on both the bottle and corresponding box.

Nothing is added, nor taken away. We only filter lightly, and do not blend our oil. We wax seal every bottle to guarantee authenticity and protect its pure taste of innocence.

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