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Judy Ridgway (Olive Oil Expert) Online Review – July 2016

Judy Ridgway is an author, journalist and broadcaster, and one of the few independent experts on olive oil outside the producing countries.

“This excellent oil comes from the foothills of the Eastern Pyrenees which is a bit of a surprise as this region is better known for its table olives rather than its oil. Provence tends to be the first region to spring to mind when talking about French olive oil. The varieties pressed for this oil, Poumal, Verdal, Oliviere and Picholine, are all local to the area.

My notes on this oil take in its harmonious character and deeply complex flavour tones. Wet leave,grass, culinary herbs, woody stalks all feature in the description of the aromas along with some floral tones and a touch of orange citrus and light nuts. The oil is equally distinctive in the mouth with rocket, artichokes, mustard leaf, tobacco, and a touch of liquorice. Walnuts and light chocolate complete the picture. It is quite a robjuest oil with a spicy pepperyness.”


The Guardian – April 2015

“Extra virgin ‘100% real’ olive oil goes on sale in UK”

As featured on The Guardian website –

Fine Foods Digest Article – May 2015 – Vol 16 Issue 4

After nine years in the making, the first commercial harvest of a new French oil, Querubi, that goes “beyond organic” has gone on sale in Bayley & Sage, Italo, Gog Magog Hills and Cowdray Farm Shop, at £25 for 500ml. The oil is produced under the stewardship of Willem Voorvaart, a Dutch entrepreneur who is commited to environmental sustainability.

Voorvaart bought a 500 hectare estate in the French Pyrenees in 2006, where the land had been unfarmed for 50 years, and adopted stringent, non-chemical farming principles. “We are organic certified but in theory that would still allow us to use chemical pesticides and fertilisers if there is no biological alternative. We don’t,” he says. “We are one of the few farms not to use any chemicals.”

The oil is a blend of Pyrenees Orientales olive varieties Poumal, Verdal, Oliviere and Picholine.