One estate, one passion – to create the world’s purest, unadulterated, organic extra virgin olive oil, without the use of any chemicals

Local legend has it, that the name Querubi is derived from our 12th century Catalan Mas, which was believed to be the last resting place for Cathar pilgrims from Southern Catalunia heading North to the famous Cathar Castle “Chateau de Queribus”, Querubi meaning ‘small Queribus’. We like this story and relay it to our many visitors and we can only hope that it has a degree of historic accuracy to it !

Lured by its beauty and twinned with the promise of mild winters, hot summers and very little rain, we acquired Domaine de Querubi in 2006. It was not until 2008 when we acquired the surrounding land, that we noted the abundance of wild, flourishing olive trees. Having led extensive entrepreneurial careers for many years, we developed a longing to live a simpler life, Querubi was the outlet we had unknowingly been searching for. And so began our journey, to transform 500 Ha of the Querubi estate into a sustainable olive farm.