Solar Energy

In February 2014 we received planning permission from the local authorities to construct our solar energy project. We use a lot of electricity to power the irrigation pumps in summer at the time when solar energy is at its highest. The thought of using solar energy to power the pumps was an easy one, designing the technical parameters of the system was not. It took us 18 months to measure, design and re-design the system, and we have now installed it. The bulk of the estate is now fully grid independent.

Wood Chip Energy

Not wishing to put all our eggs in one basket we decided to test a new technology based on turning wood chips into clean gas in order to fire an engine connected to a generator. We have started testing this equipment and hope to install the generator to charge our batteries.

Querubi Camp

The Querubi Foundation sponsors a program for eight underprivileged youngsters to stay at our farm for a week. They experience first hand what its like to live and work on an organic farm with a few simple tasks, mixed in with a lot of fun outdoor activities.

The experiences they have during these weeks are invaluable and deeply rewarding for all involved. We plan to continue to organize these camps in order to help and further educate young people. This is our opportunity to give something back whilst at the same time, encouraging the next generation to value the efforts rewarded in the pursuit of sustainability and organic food.