coughing and teary eyes

When tasting authentic extra virgin olive oil, the powerful herb and peppery taste should catch in the back of your throat, making you cough and teary eyed. If you taste any oil without these sensations you are probably using a lower grade oil that has been blended witch cheaper vegetable oils (sunflower, soybean or rape) or has been chemically modified.

We harvest our olives early (beginning to mid October), just before the olives turn from deep green to green brown. This is the moment that decides if our oil will have its characteristic green grassy herby taste. If we wait too long the oil loses this aspect, if we harvest too early we get too much of it. A lot of oil producers wait much longer to harvest their olives. The longer they wait, the higher the oil content of the olive will be but the more “bite” the oil will loose. When we harvest early, we get around 10-12% of oil out of an olive, wait longer and you will finally get around 20%. Since we produce purely for quality and definitely not for yield, we stick to early harvest and green flavours.

Our olive oil is immaculate and naked, we only press our own olives (we make single estate olive oil, i.e. we do not mix our oil with oil from olives that are not grown on our farm) and we bottle our own production. We have chosen to lightly filter our oil, complete filtering removes all particles, but it is also these particles that give the oil its unique taste. Filtering lightly keeps a balance between the aesthetic aspect of the oil and taste, so you will still find some deposit in the bottle.

Each harvest will result in an oil with a unique taste for each year. We are highly dependent on what nature gives us and with varying weather the taste of our oil will also vary slightly. Big rainstorms in July may grow the olives more than usual which will lead to a milder taste, whilst rain in August (rare but possible) will lead to a larger nut making the oil slightly more bitter.