Vigour and Youth

Joanna Simon – House & Garden’s Food Editor

Our oil is exactly what we hoped it would be: characterised by its distinctive vivid green colour, fresh, grassy scent, peppery taste with light hints of lemon and multiple elegant spicy undertones. We are especially proud of the last deliciously peppery after taste, which lingers in the back of the throat with just the right balance of spice and heat, just as an extra virgin oil should be.

Our Olives, Our Oil

Querubi is made entirely from our own olives, made up of four different local varieties; Poumal, Verdale, Oliviere and Piccholine. Grown for quality and not for yield and traditionally planted in a 6m x 6m formation.

Virgin Soil

Our soil is untouched by chemicals and protected by strict organic farming practices, which forms the basis of our oil.

Taste of Nature

We do not add anything to our oil, nor do we take anything away, therefore the taste is solely dependent on meteorological events of the growing season and the timing of the harvest.

This however, was not the easiest of years for olive farmers: winter was too mild with hardly any sub-zero days, March and April saw heavy rains and summer has been far too dry, with a few devastating hail storms. We really needed our solar powered, underground irrigation systems to make up for the lack of rain. Fortunately olive trees are sturdy plants that thrive in many different meteorological conditions if well cared for.

Harvested by hand, Querubi is cold pressed, unblended and unfiltered, so you will find a fine layer of deposit at the bottom of the bottle.